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The Critical Role of Health and Well-Being in Student Learning

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A Future Ready Guide for Supporting Students

Establishing systems to address student health and well-being is a critical component of today’s successful learning environments, and that requires significant, choreographed, and intentional effort. Each community, school, and student is unique, and therefore systems must address each student’s individual needs.

This guide will help you personalize your approach to keep student health and well-being at the core of your ongoing progress and planning.

The Future Ready Framework is used as a road map to create a systemic approach to implementing a student health and well-being program across your school district. The framework keeps learners at the center, and encourages districts to address each of the seven key categories, called “gears,” in order to ensure fidelity of implementation on your transformation journey. You might also want to use the FRS SMART Goal guide to clearly define your needs, set measurable and empathetic goals, plan for equitable student success, reflect on desired outcomes, and celebrate team successes along the way.

For this guide we have embedded modern learning science into the gears of the Future Ready Framework. You will be provided research, questions to consider, resources, and exemplars around student health and well-being that can be both explored and applied.


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The Future Ready Framework

The FRS network is built on our research-based framework that emphasizes collaborative leadership and creating an innovative school culture to ensure student-centered learning. The framework focuses on seven key areas (called gears), plus collaborative leadership.

In addition to our foundational framework, we provide individual role-based frameworks leadership to help educators with setting professional growth goals and providing ways to leverage FRS resources, strategies, and action planning for professional transformation.

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This guide is generously supported by GoGuardian, Pear Deck, and Edulastic.