Future Ready District Leaders™


Leadership and school culture create the foundation of schools that are future ready.

As such, district leadership provides a vital pillar for transformation. Future Ready District Leaders™ (FRS District Leaders) invest in collaborative leadership instead of autocratic structures, create a dynamic culture of innovation, lead the development and support of a vision for teaching and learning that is both personal and authentic, and work diligently to model desired outcomes. FRS District Leaders work diligently to remove unnecessary roadblocks while modeling a culture grounded in relationships and trust. They empower school-level leaders to implement their school’s vision for teaching and learning while providing the opportunities, time, and needed resources for them to grow professionally.

FRS District Leaders maintain a robust vision of teaching and learning, as well as model and implement personalized professional learning opportunities to get there. They ensure equitable access for all students while redesigning learning spaces to match the envisioned pedagogy. In addition, these leaders promote the effective and efficient use of data to support student learning while ensuring the highest levels of student privacy.

FRS District Leaders also collaborate with the community they serve and maintain a laser-like focus on long-term financial, pedagogical, and political sustainability. Ultimately, FRS District Leaders systematically plan and work to enact policies that ensure instructional practices maximize student learning outcomes. The Future Ready District Leaders™ framework is predicated on the belief that every student, regardless of the zip code a student calls home, should have the needed access and opportunities to maximize a student's individual gifts and abilities.

FRS District Leaders believe that all students, regardless of where they live, should have access to opportunities to maximize their gifts and abilities.

Why Future Ready District Leaders™ Matter

  1. District leaders promote risk taking through collaboration and empowerment of both staff members and students while celebrating progress along the way.
  2. District leaders create the districtwide culture of shared ownership for professional growth
  3. District leaders establish and foster relationships to support school culture and vision and build long-lasting community partnerships.

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Maximizing Equitable Opportunities


Suzanne Lacey

Talladega County Public Schools, Alabama

Joe Sanfelippo

Fall Creek School District, Wisconsin

Thought Leaders

Gail Pletnick
Dysart Unified School District, AZ

Devin Vodicka
AltSchool, CA

Pam Hernandez
San Antonio Union School District, CA

Rebecca Johnson
Forsyth County, GA

Amy Harke
Northeast Regional ESC, OH

Hector Garcia
Plano Schools, IL

Ann Linson
East Noble School District, IN

Ryan Imbriale
Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

Robert Bell
Three Forks School District, MT

Lucas Gillispie
Surry County, NC

Dana Castine
Florida Union Free School District, NY

Mario Andrade
Bristol Warren Regional School District, RI

Greg Little
Lexington 1 District, SC

Pam Moran
Albermarle County Public Schools, VA

Matt Friedman
Downingtown School District, PA

Robert Zywicki
Weehawken School District, NJ