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Implementation Guides

Find a learning sciences implementation guide to help address the problem of practice in schools and districts with tangible real-world solutions.

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Data Fluency Incentives for Educators

Encourage data literacy and reward fluency among professionals in the school to address chronic absenteeism, academic warnings, whole-child development, and other issues.

Data Systems That Connect Learning to Work Pathways

Connect students to high school learning experiences that expose workforce pathways of potential interest (e.g., internships, early-college programs, career and technical education certification, military, etc.).

Data to Support Customizable Communications Plan

Develop a communication strategy that uses multiple platforms (e.g., electronic, print, and telephone communication) to build a strong and open relationship with the community.

Effective (Easy-to-Use) Reports for Educators and Parents

Develop easy-to-use data reports for various users of the data to interpret and consistently use it for improvements in learning outcomes; this should evaluate root causes with qualitative data measures.

Non-Curricular Data Collection

Ensure that the data system addresses multiple non-curricular needs of the whole child (e.g., transportation, food, parents/guardians, counseling, additional supports, etc.).

Student Data Protection Procedures

Develop and refine privacy policies and protocols that ensure student data protection and privacy.