Communities & Climate

Local leaders and citizens have been working together to build livable, resilient, and prosperous communities in America for centuries. Communities today connect across borders to form a vital network of our nation’s people. And our neighborhoods, streets, schools, and infrastructure depend on the health of the natural systems that support us. The health and well being of our natural systems is changing on a global and local scale.

Climate change is a global issue that has come home to roost, as impacts become more apparent in communities across America on a street-by-street, neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Now that these impacts are visible from our kitchen windows, Americans can no longer dismiss climate change as a remote possibility in a far-off land.

Fortunately, local communities have emerged as leaders in promoting positive change in climate action. American cities, counties, and states are at the forefront of the movement to address climate change globally.

Many communities have yet to begin local climate action planning. Solving climate change may hinge on increasing the ability of local leaders and citizens to make constructive, values-based choices in how they consume energy, purchase goods and services, dispose of waste, and get from place to place within their communities.

Solutions are available to us now, and now is the time for community leaders to build a better future for America’s people. We are ready.

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What is FutureReady

As part of the cross-sector MomentUs initiative, FutureReady is a coalition of diverse community leaders and organizations from across the nation united in the effort to advance climate solutions at the local level and to protect communities from the effects of climate change. FutureReady is a program platform that empowers local and regional leaders to maximize the opportunities climate solutions bring to American people and their communities. Leaders and organizations from American cities, counties, and states have joined MomentUs and are invited to leverage the FutureReady program.

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Who is Leading

FutureReady is led by a growing network of local leaders under the MomentUs initiative at the city, county, and regional levels who have made advancing climate solutions an important part of their leadership. FutureReady leadership also includes activists and organizations that serve local leaders through training, capacity building, program support, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

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