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Social Emotional Relevance: Advancing Deeper Learning Outcomes

Effective school and district leaders provide multi-faceted teaching and learning approaches that support research-based methodology for deeper learning outcomes as well as social-emotional learning to provide more rigorous and relevant educational experiences for students. When school and district leaders ensure that their schools and classrooms push students to achieve the deeper learning competencies, they set in motion a framework of instructional expectations within a psychologically safe, collaborative learning environment to accelerate students’ attainment of future-ready skills. As students experience deeper learning with cognitive development and social-emotional learning, they emerge self-directed, motivated, and able to navigate current and future realities successfully. They develop self-efficacy leading to mastery of core academic content; they demonstrate higher levels of critical, analytical, and creative thinking; they establish relationships that reflect positive interdependence with peers and teachers; they communicate more effectively; and they become advocates for their own learning. As school and district leaders advance research-based methodology for deeper learning outcomes and social-emotional learning, they foster the conditions necessary for students to emerge from the educational system ready to achieve ambitious goals.