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Different Learning Styles and Needs

Differentiation is a hallmark of modern education. Most schools have long-since moved past the school-as-factory model in favor of strategies and practices that support students through more personalized instruction. This has taken the form of IEP and 504 plans for students with special needs, and blended learning, flexible grouping, and student-centered learning for all students. Beyond instructional changes, schools also have the opportunity to address the wide range of students’ learning needs and styles by adding variety and flexibility to the way they use space and time. Much like differentiation, the goal is not to move to a different structure, but to create options that give students and teachers choices. In this way, students and teachers are able to meet their differing learning needs and styles, while building a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance about those differences. Ultimately, when students’ needs are met, they will be more engaged and successful in learning.