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Articulating a Philosophy for Learning

For a school or district leader, the vision for the school or district allows the leader to articulate the long-term impact of the work and the reason that impact is essential. A well-articulated vision can be a powerful lever for a variety of reasons, such as attracting and keeping talent. Once a leader is clear on the vision of teaching and learning, it is much easier to put a strategic plan in place and get the community (constituents) to support and work toward it.

While a clear vision is the leader’s responsibility, other school community members play an important role in developing and implementing it. In setting a vision for the district or school, it’s vital that these voices be brought together to share their ideas, not only to create the vision but also to build a culture for what comes next—its implementation.

Most importantly, a vision of an education system or school must be bold, progressive, and forward looking. Without this kind of vision, the work of a school or district has no underpinning and may flounder.