Join Shannon McClintock Miller and Bill Bass as we wrap up the Future Ready Librarians® first annual summer book club.  This will be a chance for us to reflect, discuss and celebrate what we learned as Future Ready Librarians throughout the last 6 weeks of our book club.

During the webinar, we will all have a chance to share and reflect together and within small groups.  It will be a wonderful time to ask questions we still have and to talk about what we have learned.  And most of all, it will be a special time to celebrate what we are going to do to lead from the library.

We will share…

  • ideas for how to make an impact within a school community;
  • stories about librarians can build impactful relationship with school leadership;
  • tips and tricks on how to lead from the library; and
  • inspiration for building an impactful library program supports student learning.

There is still time to join the book club!

Grab your copy of  Leading from the Library…Help Your School Community Thrive In The Digital Age to join the conversation. use the code “LibraryLeader35” to purchase the print or digital version at the ISTE store.

Join the ongoing discussion and activities today!



  • Bill Bass, Innovation Coordinator for Instructional Technology, Information, Library Media and Federal Programs, Parkway School District (MO), @billbass
  • Shannon McClintock Miller, Future Ready Librarian Spokesperson, District Teacher Librarian Innovation Director, Van Meter Community School (IA), @shannonmmiller

For questions about the webinar, contact Lia Dossin.