State Leadership

State Leadership

States play a critical role in the educational system and offer unique opportunities to highlight the importance of addressing equity and the growing disparities seen through the “homework gap,” especially as districts shift to personalized anytime, anywhere approaches to teaching and learning.

Thirty states plus the District of Columbia partner with Future Ready Schools®(FRS) and endorse the Future Ready Schools framework. These partnerships encourage district and school leaders to use the free resources to gauge readiness, analyze gaps, get valuable information about the promising practice, engage with experts across the US, as well as network with like-minded educators who seek to equitably deploy innovative digital learning strategies across their state.

More structured and comprehensive state-specific services are being offered through the Future Ready Schools State Leadership Program for states that are focusing their CARES Act funding on improvements to their digital learning infrastructure. Additionally, technical assistance for states who apply for the “Rethink K-12 Education Models Grant” is coming soon.

For more details, please contact Sara Hall.

Become a Future Ready State

If you would like to learn more about your state’s plans, contact Sara Hall to  connect with the person leading the Future Ready work in your state.

If your state is not listed, contact your state department of education and ask when it will join the network.