Future Ready Librarians®

Unleashing the instructional leadership of librarians to foster schools that are future ready

As schools seek to become future ready, it is necessary to identify and cultivate leadership beyond district and building leaders. School librarians lead, teach, and support the Future Ready goals of their school and district in a variety of ways through their professional practices, programs, and spaces. If properly prepared and supported, school librarians are well-positioned to be at the leading edge of the digital transformation of learning.

Future Ready Librarians® is an expansion of the Future Ready Schools® initiative aimed at raising awareness among district and school leaders about the valuable role librarians can play in supporting the Future Ready goals of their school and district. Two guiding questions are central to Future Ready Librarians®:

  1. How can librarians and libraries support Future Ready schools?
  2. How can librarians and libraries become more future ready?

Future Ready Librarians® will provide resources, strategies, and connections for district leaders and librarians to work together to promote and implement innovative learning opportunities for students.

Let’s Talk: A Conversation Starter for Future Ready Librarians® Building Collaborative Relationships

A step-by-step guide is designed to help librarians start and sustain strategic conversations with school and district leaders.

Future Ready Librarians® lead beyond the library, collaborating not only with teacher colleagues but also with building and district leaders to prepare future ready learners. Creating exciting and dynamic opportunities for future ready learners requires shared leadership among school leaders, including librarians, instructional coaches, principals, IT leaders, and district administration.

Whether you are just getting started or trying to take the next step in your strategic collaborations, this step-by-step guide provides simple processes and curated resources that can help you examine your current situation, inspire creative thinking, build new partnerships, and then collectively develop a collaborative plan for your students and teachers.

Future Ready Librarians® lead, teach, and support the Future Ready goals of their school and district in a variety of ways through their professional practices, programs, and spaces.

Future Ready Librarians® are building-level innovators who believe in

  1. Empowering learners with diverse skills and literacies
  2. Collaborating with peers and leaders to promote innovative practices
  3. Ensuring equitable learning opportunities for all students

Professional Learning Opportunities

Assesment Tool

FRL Self Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to help librarians quickly assess their current strengths and areas of growth in relation to the FRL Framework. A simple survey provides a personalized snapshot so that librarians can plan for professional and program growth.

Online Course

Exploring Future Ready Librarianship

Developed in partnership with ISTE, this course offers an online self-paced comprehensive exploration of the FRL Framework. This course is offered through ISTE-U and allows librarians to examine and reflect on their work in relation to the FRL framework in order to create a roadmap for library program development and personal professional learning.


Empowering Students as Creators

Developed in partnership with Digital Promise, this micro-credential is a self-paced competency-based professional learning tool. With a focus on empowering students as creators, librarians engage in reflection, visioning, and providing artifacts of their teaching and work connected to student creation, making, and design


Professional Learning Group

Navigating the journey to personalized learning is easier with a little help from friends. Join fellow librarian colleagues who actively sharing and supporting each other 24/7.

Bring a team to a FRS Leadership Institute Near You!  

Maximizing Equitable Opportunities

More Resources

Changing the Conversation by Mark Ray

The Library Voice by Shannon Miller

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Metro Nashvill Schools (TN)

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Vancouver Public Schools (WA)

Baltimore County Public Schools (MD)

Future Ready Librarians® Case Studies


Mark Ray

Education Consultant

Shannon McClintock Miller

K-12 District Teacher Librarian
Van Meter Community School District (IA)

Thought Leaders

Jennifer Boudrye
DC Public Schools

Cathy Cormier
San Francisco Public Library

Laura Fleming
New Milford High School

Carolyn Foote
Westlake High School

Sylvia Shaffer
Maret School

Suzy Ferrell
Clear Creek ISD

Fran Glick
Baltimore County Public Schools

Luis Herrera
San Francisco Public Library

Leslie Preddy
Perry Meridian Middle School

Kecia Ray
Center for Digital Education

K.C. Boyd
Jefferson Academy

Scott Smith
Mooresville Graded School District

Sara Trettin
U.S. Department of Education

Joyce Valenza
Rutgers University

Glen Warren
Encinitas Union School District

Sara Kelly Johns
Syracuse University

Project Collaborators

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