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Bob Wise, former Governor of West Virginia and President of the Alliance for Excellent Education, explains how the Future READY acronym is defined.

Future Ready is a free, bold effort to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for success in college, a career, and citizenship.

Alliance for Excellent Education President, Bob Wise, and McGraw-Hill Education’s School Group President, Christine O. Willig, have a conversation about Future Ready Schools and discuss the potential uses for the Future Ready Schools Dashboard. Additionally, they discuss other issues confronting schools engaged in digital conversions.

These videos were created by CCSD 59, a Future Ready District located outside of Chicago, IL. The videos were used to introduce President Obama at the White House kick off for Phase 1 in November of 2014.

The Future Ready Leaders project was developed by the US Department of Education to inspire superintendents to accept the challenge of becoming future ready, to help them understand the next step on their journey, and to provide leadership insights and stories from a diverse set of exemplary districts.

For more, visit the Office of Educational Technology’s website here.

Jerri Kemble, an Assistant Superintendent in Lawrence Public Schools in Kansas joined President Obama and 100 other innovative Superintendents at the Future Ready kickoff at the White House in November of 2014. Shortly after attending the kickoff, Jerri created this video reflection highlighting key points of the Future Ready Initiative. (Video used with permission.)