Become a Mentor

One of the main goals of the Future Ready Initiative is to create opportunities for district leaders to network and learn from one another. School leaders who have successfully lead digital conversions are often willing to support other leaders that are working to do the same. In an effort to be collaborative, Future Ready is encouraging district leaders to apply to be a “Future Ready Mentor,” a school leader who volunteers to support a school district in the transformation process.

Please complete the application only if the following apply:

  1. You are currently employed by a school district or official non-profit organization;
  2. You are willing to connect with a district from time to time to volunteer your time; and
  3. You have been in the educational field for at least 10 years.

If you are looking for a mentor, please understand that our mentors are volunteers; and are in a school or district role themselves. Coming Soon is a database of mentors, where you will be able to identify a mentor in a similar district who is available for additional guidance and support.

Application Form

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What Future Ready Framework "gear" area(s) can you best serve as a mentor? For more information, please visit

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Please explain your ability to mentor a district in this area. How have you developed such expertise?

Why do you want to become a "Future Ready Mentor?"

Can you commit to spending 1-2 hours at a "Future Ready Mentor Training" to review the Framework, Dashboard, Tools, etc.? Optional
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