Selecting the Right Technology to Achieve Student Goals

Selecting the Right Technology to Achieve Student Goals

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Once you’ve articulated a strategic vision for personalized learning for students using the Future Ready Framework, planning to achieve that vision is the critical next step. To make the right plan, first you must understand what is already working. Then you may begin to consider the available education technology tools. As a Future Ready leader you will need to balance the capabilities of those tools against your school’s personalized learning objectives.

The most trusted name in edtech, EdSurge, now offers an edtech selection service specifically for Future Ready Leaders. The Concierge Future Ready Extension Program provides a practical framework and methodology for understanding your existing technology stack and selecting new technology that aligns with your vision and desired teaching and learning experiences.

Concierge understands that successful technology implementation starts with aligning your technology to your learning outcomes. To navigate the thousands of options in the market, you’ll receive 1:1 support from the EdSurge Concierge team as you navigate your upcoming edtech decisions. Additionally, to guide your decisions we provide an internal inventory tool that enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of  your existing district-wide technology stack.

At the conclusion of the program, you will receive a custom, shareable edtech selection reportwhich summarizes edtech products specific to your school or district’s personalized learning needs. EdSurge Concierge provides a concrete process to ensure the decisions you are making around technology is grounded in research, aligned with outcomes and includes all stakeholders. Let us give you the peace of mind that you are making the best decision possible.

Expected Hours to Complete2.5 -10 hours for individual school leader, including independent learning tasks. The time it takes to get your results (including receiving short-list recommendations) may range from 2 to 4 weeks.

Certification or Credit Offerednone

Cost and purchasing processWe offer future ready leaders two options. If you are just looking for 1:1 support for a specific tech purchase the cost is $200 per edtech selection report. Alternatively $4,000 for districts which includes up to 20 reports and the one-time use of an edtech inventory tool that provides in-depth understanding of technology use across the district. For additional information contact Leonard Medlock at [email protected]

Content delivery and timing (online, blended, synchronous, etc.): A 45-minute phone diagnostic is required for each area of need. All content is delivered via online portal or 3rd-party video-conferencing.

Audience (District team, individual, other): District or School level teams, including Curriculum Director, Technology Coach/Specialists, Principals, Assistant Principals, Director of Technology, or any similar roles in a decision-making capacity around selecting edtech.

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