Are Your Students Entrepreneur and Workforce Ready?

Are Your Students Entrepreneur and Workforce Ready?

Hosted By The Metiri Group

Designed with K12 educators in mind, Metiri’s Learning Revolution platform offers a series of online courses on skills K-12 students need to be entrepreneur and workforce ready. This platform walks the talk, immersing teachers and other educators in personalized, professional learning as they learn how to weave five essential entrepreneurial skills into the classroom. The online experience offers educators flexibility as to when and how they learn, literally enabling them to design their own learning pathway as they explore classroom scenarios, research-based materials, and example lessons, choosing their preferred mode of video, audio, animations, or text. Along the way they earn certificates and badges. The Learning Revolution platform is completely asynchronous, with automated enrollment, certification, and micro-credentials. The content represents the Metiri Group’s extensive research and work in digital learning, 21st Century skills, and entrepreneurial-readiness.

Courses are currently available in five key areas:

  • Self-directed learning
  • Persistence
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
  • Calculated risk-taking
  • Evidence-based decision-making

These modules align to the Future Ready framework in two key ways. First, the five skills represent key 21st Century skills included in the Gear on Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. Second, the Learning Revolution platform offers teachers the opportunity to experience firsthand, online, personalized learning—important modeling as teachers are asked to personalize learning for their students.

Expected Hours to Complete
3-5 hours per course (15 – 25 hours for the series)

Certification or Credit Offered
Certification offered (including micro-credentialing)

Cost and purchasing process
$25 per course ($100 for all five), bulk-purchasing options available (purchase online)
Content delivery and timing (online, blended, synchronous, etc.): Personalized, online, asynchronous
Audience (District team, individual, other): Educational leaders, technology coordinators, curriculum coordinators, and educators.

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