Future Ready Tech Leaders are used to handling all sorts of disruptions, but the global pandemic of 2020 has created a new set of challenges that will take our collective minds to tackle. Brought to you by Dr. Adam Phyall and Carl Hooker, UnDisrupted, a Future Ready Schools podcast for school and district technology leaders, will breakdown many of the challenges facing district-level leaders today. Tune in to listen to some of the nation’s top technology leaders and how they discuss how they are finding opportunities in the midst of uncertainty.

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How important is a title?

This pandemic has forced all of us to take on new roles to hold the educational ship afloat. In this episode of UnDisrupted, the guys interview Dana Castine, Director for Math, Science, and Technology at Florida Union Free School District in New York about the ever-changing role of the tech leader in schools.

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The Hosts

Dr. Adam Phyall
Director of Technology and Media Services
Newton County School System, GA

Carl Hooker
Future Ready Faculty
Education Leadership Consultant


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