Leading from the Library

Future Ready Librarians are facing uncertainty as they return to learning. Join Future Ready Advisor, Shannon Miller @shannonmiller for our newest podcast series, Leading through the Library. Shannon and her weekly guest will share stories of how they are tackling the unique issues that are facing school libraries today from planning for remote student learning with equity in mind, creating flexible schedules to supporting parents and families with blended learning environments.

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Creating Library Programs & Spaces For All Kids

In this final episode of Leading from the Library season one, Shannon (@shannonmmiller) talks with Newton County School System's Director of Technology & Media Services, Dr. Adam Phyall III (@AskAdam3). Dr Phyall discusses the need for school systems to keep media specialists and librarians front and center as they help lead schools into better functionality in the midst of a pandemic. He advocates for making the library the first place students want to be at any time by tailoring collections to match the student body and by investing in platforms they want to use. Learn how your media center can gain expertise in both remote and face-to-face instruction for better outcomes for all students.


Think Before Clicking with Jennifer LaGarde


Lessons Learned Remotely


Being a Future Ready Librarian During A Pandemic

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Grounded in the Future Ready Librarian framework, Shannon Miller (@shannonmiller) and guests are leading their schools with student-centered programs that support their district’s vision and strategic plan for digital learning and fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation to empower teachers and learners.


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