Coaching Through Uncertainty

We’ve never experienced shifts in teaching and learning quite like those happening now.

Finding ourselves without a playbook, Future Ready instructional leaders are adapting best practices, addressing digital inequities, adhering to rapidly evolving policy mandates while assuring wide-ranging variabilities in human needs, situations, and abilities each have equitable access to authentically discover, discuss, and demonstrate curriculum standards.

Hear from the nation’s top instructional leaders as they share their expertise, advice, and experience reimagining teaching and learning to better suit today’s learners with tomorrow’s tools.

Amid the constant change and countless uncertainties, one strategy has shown universal success: suiting up to redefine learning as a team.

Let’s team up to reimagine possibilities, renew communities, and respond with agility to our evolving uncertainties.

Together, we’re better.

Together, we’re Future Ready.

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Universally Designed Connection & Reflection with Dr.Katie Novak

Dr. Katie Novak (@katienovakudl), Facilitator for Professional Learning in Groton Dunstable School District (MA) and internationally renowned author and consultant, offers her advice for coaching and facilitating professional learning in these continually evolving and uncertain times. Katie reminds us, while circumstances may change, the goal of high-quality instruction must remain center-focus; formats (virtual, in-person, synchronous, asynchronous) will be flexible but high-quality instruction and core content standards will always remain constants.


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