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Align Technology Planning

In this age of digital learning, aligning school technology planning with curriculum, assessment, professional learning, and other operational needs is a necessity.

Community Relations Plan

Effective leadership requires the ability to engage stakeholders effectively by building and managing relationships.

Consistent and Ongoing Communications

The effective use of technology provides tools, resources, data, and supportive systems that increase opportunities for teaching and learning.

Creative Scheduling Approaches

To reduce the achievement gap, schools can implement innovative schedules aimed at improving student learning; the use of time is a valuable but often untapped resource.

Data and Privacy Policy Creation and Maintenance

For a school or district, student data is necessary for an effective educational program.

Evaluate Program Effectiveness

Districts and schools are faced with the challenge of having to implement, sustain, and evaluate many different innovations, initiatives, and programs simultaneously, with limited resources.

Line-by-Line Budgeting

Line-item budgeting is the most widely used of all budgeting models and offers many advantages.

Provide Ubiquitous Internet Access at Home and School

In October 2014, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights reported that access to technology is an important component of equity within U.S. schools.

Reallocate Resources

A more deliberative and thoughtful approach to school budgeting can lead to more efficient and effective spending and a greater focus on student outcomes.

Sustainability through Leadership Transitions

To develop and support an environment where the work of an initial dynamic leader is continued beyond the leader’s tenure, attention must be paid to the challenges of sustainability and adaptation.

Training & Responsive Technical Support

For a school or district, designing a model for training and responsive technical support has several advantages.

Zero-Based Budgeting for Adaptation and Sustainability

Operating, leading, and improving schools cannot take place without proper financial resources. Budgets and school funding streams vary from state to state and district to district.