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Implementation Guides

Find a learning sciences implementation guide to help address the problem of practice in schools and districts with tangible real-world solutions.

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Data and Privacy Policy Creation and Maintenance

For a school or district, student data is necessary for an effective educational program.

Data Collection and Usage Plan

Create a data plan that includes the data to be collected and what will be done with it after it is collected.

Data Fluency Incentives for Educators

Encourage data literacy and reward fluency among professionals in the school to address chronic absenteeism, academic warnings, whole-child development, and other issues.

Data to Support Customizable Communications Plan

Develop a communication strategy that uses multiple platforms (e.g., electronic, print, and telephone communication) to build a strong and open relationship with the community.

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Training

Provide digital citizenship and digital literacy training for students and teachers.

Effective (Easy-to-Use) Reports for Educators and Parents

Develop easy-to-use data reports for various users of the data to interpret and consistently use it for improvements in learning outcomes; this should evaluate root causes with qualitative data measures.

Indicators for Interventions and Support

Focus on indicators that trigger interventions and alternative approaches with subgroups of students in need of more support.

Non-Curricular Data Collection

Ensure that the data system addresses multiple non-curricular needs of the whole child (e.g., transportation, food, parents/guardians, counseling, additional supports, etc.).

Robust Assessment System(s)

Implement a robust assessment system that includes formative, interim, summative, and diagnostic data and reports to support instruction and equitable preparation among all subgroups.

Student Data Protection Procedures

Develop and refine privacy policies and protocols that ensure student data protection and privacy.