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Address Community’s Workforce Needs

Engage and collaborate with stakeholders and partners to build an understanding of the connection between the school and the community.

Build Trust: Be Reliable, Competent and Sincere

Understand that personal and professional relationships need to be nurtured on an ongoing basis and that trust can easily be broken.

Foster Ongoing Parent Dialogue

One component commonly missing in workforce development training is evaluation of the program’s impact on employers, students, and the community

Identify Work Experiences within the Community

Identify key workforce opportunities for students in the community.

Invest in a College and Career Research Tool

Provide students and families with access to a college database and information system.

Involve Students in Community Engagement Activities

Involve students throughout the modernization planning and implementation process and create ongoing opportunities for students to present their work to the public in and out of school.

Workforce Development Planning

Create a plan for business leaders and community organizations to support the school’s workforce plan.