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Support Wi-Fi in Schools

The Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed) is asking you to support school Wi-Fi funding by contacting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Chairman Pai to oppose a proposal that would compromise funding available through the E-rate program.

With funding from the Universal Service Fund (USF), E-rate makes telecommunications services, internet access, and internal connections like Wi-Fi more affordable for schools and libraries. But the FCC’s proposal (WC Docket No. 06-122) would establish an overall cap on the USF and force E-rate to compete for funding with three other programs that aim to improve communications for rural and low-income communities.

The E-rate program has given 45 million students access to high-speed broadband to support digital learning. Nonetheless, more than 2.3 million students still lack this type of high-speed internet access. Therefore, it is crucial that the FCC maintain its full commitment to the E-rate program and not needlessly hinder its potential by capping the USF or combining the spending cap for E-Rate with other programs. Recently, All4Ed submitted a letter to Chairman Pai on behalf of more than 120 school leaders opposing the proposed policy change.

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Over 100 school & district leaders agree that capping funds for the @FCC’s #Erate program would negatively impact students’ access to #WiFi in schools. Learn more: #WiFi4Schools


The #Erate program has given 40+ million students access to #WiFi in school. Now the @FCC wants E-rate to fight with other programs for funding. Tell @AjitPaiFCC not to jeopardize funding for classroom broadband. More: #WiFi4Schools


Too many students still lack internet access at home and in schools. How can we close the #homeworkgap when the @FCC is jeopardizing #Erate funding for classroom broadband? Learn more about this critical issue: #WiFi4Schools