Dashboard: New Hampshire

Future Ready Schools (FRS) New Hampshire seeks to help superintendents, schools, faculty, students, and community members make their future ready commitment a reality by providing resources, professional development, and examples of Future Ready teaching and learning in New Hampshire. An essential component to becoming Future Ready is making a systemic digital learning plan before purchasing the next round of technology. The FRS Interactive Planning Dashboard offers districts a 5 step collaborative planning process to assess their needs and create action plans for implementing personalized learning for all students. Through completing the planning process, districts will create a digital learning implementation plan full of research-based strategies, including stakeholder input, local context, and district team leadership responsibilities. New Hampshire school districts are strongly encouraged to use the Future Ready Schools (FRS) process to complete needs assessments for The ESSA Title IV Part A program. District leaders should complete the leadership assessments with their teams and analyze the results in terms of the three main focus areas of ESSA Title IV Part A funding. Results can then be used to develop an ESSA Title IV Part A program of activities that address specific district needs related to the effective use of technology.

At the state level, assessment data will be used to identify the critical areas of need among all New Hampshire districts. Please complete the form below allowing the NH Department of Education to access your data.



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Data Release Benefits and Form

Authorization for Release of Future Ready Schools District Leadership Data By the Alliance for Excellent Education to the New Hampshire Department of Education.

To assist the State of New Hampshire with statewide education strategic planning efforts, I hereby authorize the Alliance for Excellent Education to release all district data to the NH Department of Education collected in the Future Ready Dashboard. This data will be provided as aggregate information and will be used to inform authorized officials designated by the NH Department of Education involved in a statewide planning effort for personalization.

The information gathered will be kept confidential by the NH Department of Education within the applicable provisions of the law regarding the release of public information in the State of New Hampshire.