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 Future Ready Schools®

Leadership Institutes 2019

Maximizing Equitable Opportunities

Collaborate and Create a Vision for Student-Centered Learning

Future Ready Schools® (FRS) Leadership Institutes are FREE two-day professional learning events designed to support district teams of 3 to 9 people in creating policies, procedures, and practices that empower them to transform teaching and learning in their school and/or district.

The leadership institutes will inspire, invigorate, and inform district teams with a wealth of information and resources that will support their Future Ready efforts. District teams will collaborate to build regional networks of like-minded colleagues, generate feedback on practice, articulate actionable next steps, and identify resources to take their learner-centered strategies to the next level.

Attendees will leave the leadership institute with a better understanding of:

  • “Equity of opportunities” in the context of digital transformation
  • The FRS framework and free resources as essential components of a successful digital conversion
  • Strategies to articulate a vision for student-centered learning
  • Building capacity across each FRS strand to change the culture, increase collaborative leadership, and develop a district/schoolwide program
  • How to create a vision for digital transformation in your school or district


Bring a Team of Educators from the District

Transformation efforts are more efficient with a collaborative leadership approach, that said this year there is a team based registration requirement. A district team of 3 to 9 educators should be comprised of both the district and school level leaders (i.e., District Leaders, Librarians, Instructional Coaches, Principals, and/or Technology Leaders).  Each team member will gain understanding their role in the transformation process and practical advice for navigating the shift to robust and innovative teaching and learning. (Check out the list of potential roles below)

  • Superintendents
  • Assistant Superintendents
  • Chief Academic Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Technology Leaders
  • Curriculum and Instruction Coordinators
  • Assessment Directors
  • Directors of Professional Development
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Principals/Assistant Principals
  • Librarians/Media Specialists

The 2019 FRS Agenda

This year’s agenda is designed in partnership with the FRS advisory team, comprised of nationally recognized school- and district-level practitioners who have demonstrated success in innovation in education. The content is all-new, interactive, personalized, and team-based!  Across two days, attendees will participate in whole group, small group and role specific sessions each designed to encourage skill development, knowledge sharing and collaborative planning to transform teaching and learning in classrooms across your district.

Note: FRS also offers one day “Creating Future Ready Schools” workshops for individuals who cannot attend institutes as a team but want to attend and in-person FRS event.


Pre-Institute Requirement: District Sharing

The purpose of the District Sharing session is to allow district leaders to share ideas that are making a difference, improving student outcomes, and increasing the equity of opportunity for all students within their district.   Becoming “Future Ready” is a continuous process, and every district is different and at various points on the innovation continuum yet every district has something to be proud of – do not fret if you have ups and down or starts and stops to share as well.

Directions for creating your District Sharing Story will be sent 8 weeks before the event to allow you ample time to prepare. The story can be a brief video, presentation, photo board, or written explanation.


Select Your Location Today

Register your district team of 3 to 9 educators today comprised of district leaders, technology leaders, principals, librarians, and instructional coaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

FRS institutes were created with the busy innovative educator in mind. They are efficient and purposeful. Challenging topics are addressed like designing a culture of change and modernizing education practices while building connections with other like-minded educators. Every institute offers something useful for everyone.

The agenda was developed with the district team in mind and we are requiring that all attendees come as a team If you would like to attend a FRS event as an individual we recommend registering for a one day Creating Future Ready Schools workshop.

Yes. Before attending, FRS encourages your team to look at the FRS District Pledge and ask your superintendent to consider making the commitment. Signing the pledge is a great step for creating the network of like-minded innovative educators in your district. The pledge reflects FRS core beliefs that students are at the center of all planning efforts, and it takes many people working together to make positive change. Here are the eight research-based concepts that make up the pledge:

  1. Foster a culture of collaborative leadership.
  2. Provide rigorous academic content for all students to build life skills.
  3. Empower personalized professional learning opportunities.
  4. Help schools and families transition to anytime, anywhere learning.
  5. Rethink the use of space and time.
  6. Implement thoughtful data and privacy policies and protocols.
  7. Focus on long-term sustainability.
  8. Share and mentor ideas for continuous improvement.

Each of the more than 16,000 districts in the U.S. education system is unique and takes its own personalized approach to modernizing learning for both students and teachers. However, despite these varied approaches, the core values of being a future ready school and/or district hold true regardless of where the school or district is on the journey in creating schools that today’s modern learners both need and deserve.

All school districts are encouraged to stand up for student-centered learning; take the FRS District Pledge and join the more than 3,200 districts who are on the road to being future ready.

The agenda for FRS 2019 institute is totally new so there will be new content and activities but still grounded in the Future Ready framework.

FRS institutes are open to teams of educators from schools and districts that are interested in maximizing student-centered learning opportunities and leveraging technology to prepare students for success in college, a career, and citizenship. Here are the types of educators and leaders encouraged to attend:

  • District-level leaders
  • Superintendents
  • Assistant Superintendents
  • Chief Academic Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Curriculum and Instruction Professionals
  • Assessment Directors
  • Internet Technology Managers
  • Professional Development Coordinators
  • School-based leaders
  • Instructional Coaches/Teacher Leaders
  • Principals/Assistant Principals
  • Librarians/Media Specialists

You will be missed! Help FRS serve as many educators as possible by giving 7–10 days’ notice so a person on the waiting list can attend. Although the FRS institutes are free to attend, FRS pays for each registrant (food, etc.), so helping to be fiscally responsible is appreciated.


For more information, contact Lia Dossin, [email protected].