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Aligned Grading Practices

Successful school leaders evaluate current grading practices and their alignment with the school’s vision for teaching and learning to advance accurate reflections of student achievement. They also assign priority to evaluating grading and assessment practices to measure performance at the school, grade, subject, and student levels. Effective school leaders promote and sustain the improvement of teaching and learning by attending to grading and assessment practices. They also leverage the evaluation of current grading and assessment practices to facilitate teacher reflection on instruction and its effectiveness, as well as identify strengths and gaps in the campus curricular, instructional, and assessment practices and programs. School leaders who assign priority to aligning grading practices with the school vision for teaching and learning understand the importance of grading and assessment as a form of motivation for learning. They also understand the critical nature of communicating the achievement status of learners to parents as a way of garnering support for optimizing students’ potential.