Future Ready Librarians® Summer Book Club

Join Shannon McClintock Miller and Bill Bass for the first annual summer book club for Future Ready Librarians®. This summer book club is a chance for all of us to reflect, grow, and celebrate our role as Future Ready Librarians.

Grab your copy of  Leading from the Library…Help Your School Community Thrive In The Digital Age to join the conversation.  The book was selected with intention to spark conversations and learning around leadership, building partnerships, knowing your culture, telling your story and being a champion, and leading through equity.

During our weekly discussions, we will:

  • ideas for how to make an impact within a school community;
  • stories about librarians can build an impactful relationship with school leadership;
  • tips and tricks on how to lead from the library; and
  • inspiration for building an impactful library program that supports student learning.

Week 5 (Chapter 4): Leading Through Equity

  1. Take the #LeadingLibs Challenges on page 85 and create a sense of urgency around bringing equitable access to your students. Use the list on page 86 to get you started. Share your plans and ideas in the comments on the Facebook post so we can all learn together. And then take it one step further and share it with someone from your school or district too.
  2. Look at the Discussion Questions on page 87. Share your answers in another Facebook post starting on July 2, 2021.

Leading from the Library. Help Your School Community Thrive In The Digital Age.

The modern school library supports education in a variety of ways. One essential role librarians play is that of a leader who works collaboratively to build relationships, mold culture and climate, and advocate for the needs of students and the community.

In this book, a librarian and an education leader team up to reflect on the librarian’s ability to build connections in two ways. First, they discuss the benefits of bringing the outside world into the library through the use of social media, videoconferencing and other tools that allow librarians to partner with others. Then they expand upon these connections by addressing how librarians can lead in the greater educational community by sharing resources and strategies and partnering with school leaders to tell the story of the school community.

If you want to join the ongoing discussion, use the code “LibraryLeader35” to purchase the print or digital version at the ISTE store.

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