Future Ready Librarians® Summer Summits

Reimagining Learning: Starting With Students in the Center

August 19, 2021


over Zoom



About the Summit

The Future Ready Librarians® summit is a FREE, live, virtual, interactive, high-quality professional learning experience for librarians interested in learning, growing, and expanding their professional practice through collaboration and networking with like-minded colleagues from across the country. Recognizing the profound shifts in learning and teaching occurring in real time, this interactive online event will help librarians ground their practice in the research-based Future Ready Librarians Framework® and define new ways in which they can lead, teach, and support learning in their schools.

Leveraging the active Future Ready Librarians® community, the live summit is designed around authentic problems of practice identified by librarians. The 2021 Summer Summits will focus on listening to student voices and meeting students where they are -- examining what it means to be learner-centered as schools seek to return to something resembling ‘normal.

We will explore how to reimagine Future Ready Library programs and practice with the following topics:

  • Student needs and hopes as they return to school
  • Challenges of variability and equity among learners
  • Examining the connections between emotional and academic learning

This is a LIVE event and sessions will not be recorded. 


Session 1: Meeting Kids Where They Are

  • Explore how student centered learning needs to be reimagined in light of the pandemic and impacts on schools
  • Examine the diverse needs and hopes of students as they look forward to the school year
  • Identify strategies for engaging with student voices in your own school or community

Session 2: Designing for Student-Centered Learning

  • Share, review and compare student needs and hopes for their learning and school experience in the coming year
  • Explore areas for focus including equity, emotional learning, academics, and learning environments
  • Plan for next steps for professional and library strategic goals

Online registration is closed. Please email Lia Dossin at [email protected] to register. Registration is FREE!


Shannon Miller_150x150

Shannon Miller

Future Ready Librarian Advisor

K-12 District Teacher Librarian
Van Meter Community School District (IA)

MarkRay 150x150

Mark Ray

Future Ready Librarian Advisor


The Future Ready Librarians summits are generously supported by Follett.