Future Ready Schools® Workshops

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Future Ready Schools (FRS) Workshops are designed for  district and school leaders (district administration, technology leaders, principals, instructional coaches, and librarians) to learn about the free resources – including the frameworks and planning tools – available for implementing innovative practices in schools. 

These one-day workshops model high-quality professional learning and offer participants effective leadership strategies and evidence-based practices to empower teachers and improve student learning outcomes with the development and implementation of learner-centered practices.

Future Ready Schools fosters collaborative leadership and positive school culture. Thus, participation in this will workshop will result in a deep understanding of the FRS frameworks through the lens of leading change within complex systems.  The workshop provides tangible ideas about policies, procedures and practices that enable a school to become “Future Ready,” while building the capacity for regional expertise and sharing best practices long after the event is over.

FRS Workshops are FREE and open to all innovative educators who want to join the Future Ready Schools Network. 

NOTE: The FRS Workshops are designed for all educators -new and veteran- to the FRS network.  A pledge from your superintendent is not required.

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September 17, 2019


Dates Coming Soon!


Future Ready Librarians

April 13, 2019

New York

Leading Innovative Change

August 19, 2019

New Jersey

Dates Vary


Creating School-Based Change

October 18, 2019