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Future Ready Schools® Leadership Institutes 2021

Maximizing Equitable Opportunities

Future Ready Schools® (FRS) Leadership Institutes are FREE two-day professional learning events designed to support district teams of three to nine people in creating policies, procedures, and practices that empower school and district leaders to transform teaching and learning in their school and/or district.

The leadership institutes will inspire, invigorate, and inform district teams with a wealth of information and resources that will support their Future Ready efforts. District teams will collaborate to build regional networks of like-minded colleagues, generate feedback on practices, articulate actionable next steps, and identify resources to take their learner-centered strategies to the next level.

Attendees will leave the leadership institute with a better understanding of the following:

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“Equity of opportunities” in the context of digital transformation

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The FRS Framework and free resources as essential components of a successful digital conversion

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Strategies to articulate a vision for student-centered learning

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Enhanced capacity across each FRS strand to change the culture, increase collaborative leadership, and develop a district/schoolwide program

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How to create a vision for digital transformation in your school or district

"The collaborative nature of the event helped me not only build relationships and connections with people in the same position, but also my district team!"

"These 2 days have inspired to continue doing the great and important work of a building administrator.  The strategies are actionable, applicable and will have long term sustainability."

"The Future Ready Institute had a real focus on leadership which was both engaging and informative.  My belief in service leadership was strengthened and I walked away with ideas that can be put into action tomorrow!"

Bring a Team of Educators from the District

Transformation efforts are more efficient with a collaborative leadership approach, so this year the FRS Institutes have a team-based registration requirement. The district team of three to nine educators should include both district- and school-level leaders (i.e., district leaders, librarians, instructional coaches, principals, and/or technology leaders). Each team member will gain understanding about their role in the transformation process and practical advice for navigating the shift to robust and innovative teaching and learning. (Check out the list of potential roles below.)

FRS Agenda

The agenda is designed in partnership with the FRS advisory team, comprised of nationally recognized school- and district-level practitioners who have demonstrated success in innovation in education. The content is  interactive, personalized, and team-based! Across two days, attendees will participate in whole group, small group, and role-specific sessions each designed to encourage skill development, knowledge sharing, and collaborative planning to transform teaching and learning in classrooms across your district.

Note: FRS also offers virtual “Creating Future Ready Schools” workshops for individuals who cannot attend institutes as a team but want to attend an FRS event.

"The FRS Leadership Institute really helps bring your district team together in a safe, neutral environment where really purposeful planning and team building is possible."

Register today to save your team space at a 2021 FRS Institute!

For additional information, contact Lia Dossin, Director of Outreach at [email protected].