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Future Ready Team Workshop: Creating a Culture of Leadership and Innovation

December 09, 2020

10:00 am to 3:30 pm EDT

Leadership and school culture lay the foundation for systemic change, whether in the physical school building or during remote learning. Future ready school and district leaders utilize an equity-focused lens and have the courage to embrace curricular and instructional enhancements as learning needs evolve and as the culture demands. A forward-thinking, future ready vision is advanced through leaders’ transformative thinking and collaborative endeavors, especially during times of continuous change.

During this team-based workshop, your district of three or more leaders will join teams from across the country to collaborate to build networks of like-minded colleagues, generate feedback on practices, share ideas and experiences around creating a culture of leadership.

We will

  • develop a plan that supports a sustained feedback loop to ensure best practices and methods to solve evolving challenges;
  • examine the “undercurrents” that often undermine the change process; and
  • build a network and solve relevant issues with other district leaders.


Join us to learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded districts from across the country!


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Meeting led by:

Thomas C. Murray,
FRS director of innovation



Jimmy Casas
Future Ready Principals™ advisor

Who Should Attend?

All district teams new and veteran to the FRS network are welcome to register for the workshop.


This workshop is supported by:

  • Please be advised that photographs and/or video may be taken at this event for use on the Alliance for Excellent Education’s (All4Ed’s) website, blog, social media platforms, marketing materials, and other publications.
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