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Expecting and Delivering Equitable Opportunities for Learning

July 2021

Inequities in education are vast and persistent. Disparities in opportunity, access to resources, and inadequate support for high-quality experiences remain prevalent, particularly for underserved communities of color and our country’s most vulnerable students. School and district leaders often are hindered by traditional structures and mindsets (e.g., belief in the status quo, standardization, individualized responsibility, etc.), and need guidance on how to objectively evaluate school and district policies, programming, and opportunities through an equity-focused lens.

During this workshop, district teams will explore leading through an equity lens and how to look critically at current policies and practices for student access, student opportunity, and resource allocation; analyze and reflect on gaps; and develop strategic action plans to address inequity more directly and make the changes that our students both need and deserve.

Join us to learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded districts from across the country!

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