Summit Expectations

Before attending a regional summit, each district leadership team will be expected to complete the following activities:

  • Take the Pledge!
  • Identify the leadership team with no more than four members including the required Superintendent. (This is a very strict requirement. However, if your district is in the process of hiring or is currently being led by an interim Superintendent this requirement can be waived by contacting Sara Hall.
  • As a leadership team, take the Future Ready Schools District Leadership Assessment (view copy here) to begin assessing the district’s readiness.
  • Become familiar with the self-assessment results by reviewing the auto-generated report (view sample here) delivered after taking the self-assessment.  Be prepared to share strengths and seek support for need areas during group discussions at the summit.
  • Come as a full team with the Superintendent as a required participant starting at 9:00 AM on the opening day of the summit through 3:30 PM the following day.
  • Prepare for a fun networking activity that highlights the success stories you have to date.
  • Come dressed business casual (no ties!!!) and ready to roll up your sleeves and work as a team!

Are you a regional leader in education technology interested in attending to support district leaders in the region?  Contact Sara Hall for information about our regional VIP program and Advisory Committee.  Each district team will leave the summit connected, and accountable, to a partner district and will collaborate with that partner at various checkpoints throughout the year. During that time, participating districts will access a collection of resources in the Future Ready Hub compiled by the coalition partner organizations to support them as they implement their digital learning plans.