Dashboard: Rhode Island Program

Personalization is a key priority area in the RIDE 2020 Strategic Plan. The vision for success in 2020 includes a Rhode Island educational system in which every student is enrolled in rigorous learning environments that meet their individual needs and through which students progress based upon their demonstrated mastery of essential, aligned, and agreed-upon rigorous academic and 21st century skills. Starting in early childhood, students should have access to personalized learning experiences that are experiential, blended, flexible, and differentiated; as a result of these experiences, students will be able to control the pace, place, and content of their learning experience while meeting state and local requirements. Rhode Island middle and high school students will have access to a wide range of high quality early college and early career training programs that enable them to earn high-value, portable credit and credentials. Rhode Island schools and districts will have systems and opportunities that expand students’ access to personalized learning, and teachers will have the skills needed to enhance personalization in and outside the classroom.

The goal of statewide planning is to prioritize strategies, focus resources, and create the conditions for success at the state level that support all RI school districts move toward crafting personalized, high quality, rigorous learning environments that successfully utilize technology in combination with effective teaching strategies.

Data Release Benefits and Form

Authorization for Release of Future Ready Self-Assessment Data By the Alliance for Excellent Education to the Rhode Island Department of Education

To assist the State of Rhode Island with statewide education strategic planning efforts, I hereby authorize the Alliance for Excellent Education to release all district data to the RI Department of Education collected in the Future Ready Dashboard. This data will be provided as aggregate information and will be used to inform authorized officials designated by the RI Department of Education involved in a statewide planning effort for personalization.

The information gathered will be kept confidential by the RI Department of Education within the applicable provisions of the law regarding the release of public information in the State of Rhode Island.

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